Long Range Electrical Resistivity meter
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    ADMT-1B electrical resistivity water-finding instrument is a new type of electrical water-finding instrument comprehensively improved and upgraded based on the company's reference to domestic and foreign electrical methods. It uses new design and componen

    High Accuracy. using the most advanced circuit design, single chip microcomputer control, automatic noise reduction,digital filtering to highly improve survey accuracy and stability.

    Easy to operate.humanized man-machine interface, built-in all kinds of formulas to read VP, IP, RO, M, TH... parameters.

    More Parameters.could measure VP, SP, RO, M, TH....

    Complete Equipment.four poles to detect depth, intermediate gradient, combined profile, five poles, three poles etc....about 30 kinds.

    ADMT-1B Long Range Electrical Resistivity meter 

     By utilizing the apparent resistivity parameters, it is widely used in hydrology, environmental protection, engineering geophysical exploration, metal and non-metal mineral resources exploration.

    Microcomputer controlled, direct-reading resistivity, various electrode arranging mode, data protection against power-failure

      ADMT-1B Long Range Electrical Resistivity meter This instrument applies to Electrical Prospecting such as Vertical Electrical Sounding, Electrical Profiling, Charging Method and Spontaneous Potential Method, etc. on ground and in trench.



    Voltage range: -2500mV~+2500mV 

    Voltage resolution: 0.01uV 

    Input Impendence: ≥50MΩ 

    SP compensation range: ±2500mV 

    Currency channel: 6A,±4% ±1 bit 

    Currency resolution: 0.02uA 

    Anti-jamming on 50HZ: better than 80dB 

    Max. transmitting power: 6000W

    Max. power supply: 1000V

    Max. Currency: 6A

    Power supply Waveform: pulse width 1-60 seconds, duty ratio1:1, Bipolar

    Internal storage: 2GB(extend to 32GB)

    Power supply: 14.8V 5200mAH lithium battery

    Working environment: -20℃~+60℃,95%Rh


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