AMC-6 fluxgate magnetometer
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    Product advantages:Applied the international new sensor, with high resolution, the high precision, stable performance, low difference of readings at the opposite orientation, and calibrate the surrounding magnetic field's interference.


    AMC-6 fluxgate magnetometer is an excellent collaborative product by Shanghai Aidu and Shanghai Maritime University. It is a high-performance sensor with a high permeability permallet alloy after special heat treatment and is wound by hand.

    Under the magnetization of alternating excitation signals, the magnetic conductivity characteristics of the magnetic core undergo periodic saturation and unsaturated changes.Make around the induction coil on the magnetic core induction output signal is proportional to the external magnetic field, through the special high performance circuit into magnetic field intensity change, resolution is 0.1-1nT, the 0.000001 times that of magnetic field intensity of weak signal variation response ability is quite high, with high resolution, high precision, stable performance, no temperature driftetc. 

    Sensor probe optional:

    1、Fully Solid probe(With horizontal low seat)

    2、Automatic level probe(Silicone oil damping)


    What is fluxgate magnetometer.

    Fluxgate magnetometer is an instrument to measure the external magnetic field by the electromagnetic induction phenomenon of a soft magnetic core with high permeability


    The basic theory of fluxgate magnetometer sensor:

    The basic theory of the sensor is based on the non-linear magnetization of the magnetic core material.

    The sensitive element is a magnetic core made of high permeability and easily saturated material, with two windings around the magnetic core;

    One is the excitation coil and the other is the signal coil. Under the magnetization of alternating excitation signal F.

    Periodically saturated and unsaturated changes occur to the magnetic conductivity of the magnetic core.

    So that the induction coil around the magnetic core induces a signal that is proportional to the external magnetic field.

    The induction signal contains F, 2F and other harmonic components, and the even harmonic contains the information of the external magnetic field.

    It can be extracted through a specific detection circuit.



    The resolution of the fluxgate magnetometer (the ability to respond to weak signal variations) is quite high,

    Generally, it can reach 1 to 10nT, which is equal to 0.00001 to 0.0001 times the strength of the geomagnetic field.

    Specially manufactured fluxgate magnetometers have a resolution of 0.001nT and can therefore be used to measure magnetic pulsations.

    The resolution of the satellite-borne fluxgate vector magnetometer varies with the range, and the resolution can reach 0.002nT

    The main factors limiting resolution are the noise of the electronic circuit preamplifier and the sensitivity and noise of the probe.



    Main application

    AMC - 6 flux-gate magnetometer can be used in geomagnetic pulsations, iron ore  prospecting, mixed deposits containing ferromagnetic magnetic prospecting, magnetic survey mapping, cast iron pipe detection, reinforced concrete pipe, urban underground pipeline detection of infrastructure. It can judge  the iron ore reserves, range, and grade accurately, and analyze pipe's trend. 

    Detection axial: the vertical component of the Earth's magnetic field

    Measurement method: relative measurement and absolute measurement

    Range:± 100,000nT

    Resolution ratio:0.1-1nT

    Difference of readings at the opposite orientation:basic version ±50nT(Professional ±10nT)


    Data Sampling Frequency: 50 times per second

    Data capacity:100,000 points

    Power consumption:120mA~200mA

    Battery:7.2V 4000mA,energy-saving mode,Standby time exceeds 18 hours

    Working environment temperature:-10℃ ~ +50℃ 

    Display: 7-inch bright touch screen, display  difference or absolute value data and curve, wireless connection to mobile phone display color map

    Sensor probe size:Ф88mm × 60mm

    Charging cable length:1.5m

    Probe weight:0.5 Kg

    Mainframce weight:2Kg

    Mainframce size:270mm×110mm×223mm




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