Single channel MT electromagnetic material detector|Prospecting metal detector
  • Model:
    Automatic imaging, accurate and stable, stable performance, triple screen interoperability, intelligent and flexible
  • Features:
    1、Used for finding detailed and census exploration of metal and non-metal mines, reducing the risk of mine investment and improving the success rate and science of mining. 2、Used for applications such as engineering geological exploration, disaster geolo
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    Automatic imaging: 7" Android touch screen into 2D, 3D and curve images in real time;

    Precision and stability: more than 40 years of iterative upgrades, high measurement accuracy and stable performance;

    Three screens interoperability: instrument screen, mobile phone screen, computer screen interoperability;

    Three screens interoperability: instrument screen, mobile phone screen, computer screen;

    Intelligent and flexible: MN electrode and TT probe measurements can be switched, with optional wireless probe or water finding gold band.


    The ADMT series single-channel MT electrometer is a basic MT electrometer for time-sharing measurements of the MT method electric field and MT method electromagnetic field. It simplifies the MT electromagnetic method and frequency bathymetry to split time measurements and comes standard with a 7" IPS wide angle unified touch screen for real time imaging and data sharing between the instrument, mobile phone and computer PC. The instrument is portable and highly accurate, quick and easy to use. Standard with removable polymer battery, 20m MN measuring line, MN electrode and TT electromagnetic probe measurement mode. Optional wireless probe or gold band for MN or TT measurement mode, field operation is very convenient and highly recognized by the majority of customers.

    The ADMT series single-channel MT electromagnetometer uses the earth's electromagnetic field as the source, eliminating the traditional bulky power supply part and increasing field exploration efficiency by more than 10 times and depth by 3-5 times. In more than 40 years of iterative upgrades to solve the shortcomings of the natural electromagnetic field source intensity inconsistency and change at any time, according to different areas to set the relevant parameters, the accuracy rate greatly improved. It has been listed to obtain a number of invention patents (Patent No. 201310205318.9, 201110454869.X, 201320054153.5, 201120214308.8, 201120567915.2, 201320303919.9) and won the recognition of Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project.

    Main uses: To determine the location, depth, water output and other relevant information of groundwater to guide the drilling and extraction of water and other operations to improve the success rate of well drilling. Detailed investigation and census of regional hydrogeology.






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