16-channel high density MT electromagnetics|Seeking for mineral properties|Prospecting equipment
  • Model:
    16 channels of high density measurement (channels optional)
  • Features:
    Wired connection to electromagnetic probes or Bluetooth connection to the Golden Band electromagnetic probe; 10" Android touch screen for real-time imaging.
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    Key features:

    Automatic imaging:The 10" Android touch screen is intelligent in real time into 2D, 3D and curved images.

    Accurate and stable:The disadvantages of natural electromagnetic field sources, which are inconsistent in size and change from time to time, are solved and the accuracy is greatly improved.

    Triple screen interoperability:The instrument screen, mobile phone screen and computer screen are interoperable.

    Intelligent and flexible:1-14 channels are available and an optional electromagnetic probe can be used for TT probe measurement mode, which also supports wireless connection to the gold band.


    The 16-channel high-density MT electromagnetic method instrument is a real-time imaging intelligent physical probe jointly developed with the Guilin Institute of Technology Hydrogeological Survey. 16 channels of simultaneous input measurements are used to obtain a stable field source, which not only solves the problem of the natural electric field changing at any time, but also avoids the errors caused by moving the electrodes several times in the same profile and solves the shortcomings of single-channel instruments with different repeated measurement data profiles.

    The 16-channel high-density MT electrometer is equipped with a 10.1" Android touch screen for real-time imaging as standard, and the instrument screen, mobile phone screen and computer screen are interoperable. 1-14 measurement channels are available, as well as optional wireless probes or Aidoo Golden Band, which can switch between MN electrode and TT probe measurement modes, making field operation very convenient and widely recognised by customers.

    It has been listed to obtain several invention patents (Patent No. 201310205318.9, 201110454869.X, 201320054153.5, 201120214308.8, 201120567915.2, 201320303919.9) and has been recognized as a high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai.

    Main uses:It is widely used for detailed and census exploration of all kinds of metallic and non-metallic ores, for detailed and census exploration of groundwater search, for environmental protection investigation, power design, engineering exploration, geothermal exploration, exploration of coal mining void areas, geological disaster investigation, etc.






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