Well-drilling groundwater detector|Is the well-drilling water-finding device accurate|Is the groundwater inexhaustible?


Various types of water widely buried under the surface are collectively referred to as groundwater, and atmospheric precipitation is the main source of groundwater, not inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

Groundwater is an important part of water resources. Because of its stable water volume and good water quality, it is one of the important water sources for agricultural irrigation, mining, and cities. However, under certain conditions, changes in groundwater can also cause swamping, salinization, landslides, etc. Unfavorable natural phenomena such as land subsidence.

Groundwater mainly includes precipitation infiltration, irrigation water infiltration, surface water infiltration replenishment, overflow replenishment and artificial replenishment. Under certain conditions, there is also horizontal supply. Groundwater discharge mainly includes spring water, diving evaporation, discharge to surface water, overflow discharge and artificial discharge. Spring water is the main way for the natural discharge of groundwater.

How to find groundwater?

How to find the location of the groundwater vein on the hilly terrain, so as to dig a well?

Generally, the wells dug are pressure wells, and they are level with the nearby lake. You have to check if there is a lake nearby. If anything, water will come out when you dig a well dug on the mountain into a large outline to a depth parallel to it. Therefore, if it is a small hill and there is no lake on the hill, it is best not to dig, because it is difficult to judge whether there is confined water nearby, that is, groundwater. If there is a lake, you can find a lower place to dig. But for this kind of professional operation, it is recommended to choose a professional water measuring instrument to find water scientifically to reduce time and avoid unnecessary consumption.


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