Aidu's Engineering Detection Rod Metal /Cavity Detector|MT Electromagnetic Probe
  • Model:
    ADMT-100G serials measuring depth can be adjusted on the APP
  • Features:
    2D/3D automatic drawing, completely wireless, automatic adaptation of parameters.

         Adjustable measuring depth,freely measure as deep as you want.

          Mobile phone speed drawing, 2D/3D automatic mapping, completely wireless, automatic adaptation of parameters.

          The underground resource situation is clear reflected.

          One-click minimalist measurement.


    Maximum 5000m exploration depth, number of channels, electric field and electromagnetic field measurement modes selectable.

    Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the highest transmission speed is 24Mbps, the delay is 3 ms, and the long distance is more than 100 m. It can work when connected to a mobile phone.

    Adjustable measuring depth After connecting the mobile phone, the measuring depth can be adjusted quickly in the APP, and the depth can be adjusted as much as you want, which greatly saves the measurement time.

    Mobile phone speed drawing,there is no need to wait after the measurement completed, . The APP directly generates an underground profile on site. The location of underground buried objects, minerals, cavities, water sources, etc. can be determined through the pictures.

    1595903294484317 (1).jpg02.jpg


    Widely used in: detection of jade, gemstones, ebony, crystal, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic mines, cast iron pipelines, concrete pipelines, urban underground facilities detection, etc.

    Widely used in:  Leakage point detection for piping in dams, ant hole location detection, water leakage point detection for bedrock foundation

    Treatment of dangerous reservoirs Early warning of water inrush in mine tunnels Leakage detection of foundation pit water-stop curtain Leakage detection of landfill




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