Upgrading new version ADMT-300S-X 3D Touch screen type underground water detector
  • Model:
  • Features:
    Automatically form 3D / 2D Image ,Wireless measurement,The depth of the 100M /200M/300M can be selected

    Automatic imaging:7" Android touch screen into 2D, 3D and curved images in real time.

    Precise and stable:Over 40 years of iterative upgrades for high measurement accuracy and stable performance.

    Triple screen interoperability:The instrument screen, mobile phone screen and computer screen are interoperable.

    Intelligent and flexible:MN electrode and TT probe measurements can be switched, with optional wireless probe or water finding gold band.

    A number of invention patents have been obtained (Patent No. 201320054153.5, 201120214308.8, 201120567915.2, 201320303919.9). In particular, the field source correction function of the invention patent "Geomagnetic Field Field Source Correction Method and Measurement Device" 201310205318.9 solves the shortcomings of the inconsistent and constantly changing intensity of natural electric field sources.


    Product Description

      ISO9001 Certified ADMT-300S-X 100m 200M 300M depth 3D Touch screen deep Touch screen type water detector underground/water detector is based on over 47 years R&D design and exploration, which realize the technology that you can use the mobile phone or tablet PC to do complex data calculation, then the graphs will automatic form in the touch screen mainframe, store in the cloud, and you can communicate with experts advisors on line about your graphs. 

       Besides, if use our probes to measure, then you can wirelessly detect.  And in the “MN input”, you can use traditional MN cable lines or wireless sensor to measure. If with wireless sensor, you don’t have to cabling and can just measure by walk and stop, free of USB disk, detection button. Automatically mapping by mobile phone, communicating with experts advisors online, uploading the data into cloud and store permanently. 

      ISO9001 Certified ADMT-300S-X 100m 200M 300M depth Touch screen type water detector underground/water detector obtained many patents for invention (Patent number 201320054153.5,201120214308.8,201120567915.2,201320303919.9), especially for invention patent of Field Source Modify of “Geophysical methods for Earth’s Electromagnetic Field Source Modify and Measuring Devices”, solved the problems of inconsistent source of natural electric field intensity and disadvantages of changes at any time.

    Main Applications :

    Upgrading new version ADMT-300S-X 3D Touch screen type underground water detector  can be widely used in underground water detect in all kinds of the geological conditions; 

    Metal and non-metal ore survey; Decrease mineral invest venture and increase exploration success rate; 

    Meet demand of drinking water, industrial usage and agricultural irrigation; 

    Engineering geological prospect and disaster geological detect; Coal goaf, archaeological mining, city exploration and non-metal pipe survey.




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