ADMT-ZJLY-10 Multi-function dedicated control host
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    It is not affected by the terrain and can measure on rocks, concrete pavements and infill surfaces, solving the disadvantage that MN electrodes cannot be inserted underground. It is easy to carry and can be measured by a single person walking or stopping.

         Wired electromagnetic probes are optional and can be used with intelligent hosts, a variety of hosts are available.

          Wired electromagnetic probe use will not need to pull MN measurement line, directly using the wired electromagnetic probe signal input, ADMT series wired electromagnetic probe has several specifications products, frequency range 0.001HZ to 30KHZ, measurement depth is not limited, the frequency range is not the same its length and weight is not the same, the sensor accuracy is not the same.


    The ADMT-ZJLY-10 Wireless control host is an optional accessory.Can be connected to ADMT wireless series instruments.

    The wireless matrix series can be combined freely, select the wireless host (with WIFI base station or professional WiFi base station), and select multiple golden bars to complete the network.

    10.1 inch Android system, with WiFi connection 10-30 collectors.

    With a WIFI base station, connect 1-60 sets of gold hoop data collectors, support Bluetooth connection.



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