Can the water-finding instrument really find water? Which water-finding instrument is accurate?


How to dig a well, and see what magical tricks I have, is it really that simple? Can the water-finding instrument really find water?

Can the water-finding instrument really find water? The usual way to find water by drilling wells is to look at the direction of the mountains and the direction of the ditches. The soil method is: "Pick up the ground and find water is the most beneficial."

Nowadays, if you don’t talk about science blindly drilling wells, many times failure is greater than success. Once there is no water, it means that the red grandfather Mao is in the water. In this sense, drilling a well is another risky water conservancy project; secondly, it is the complexity of the technology. It is generally believed that drilling a well is not a matter of "drilling a hole and laying down the root pipe". It seems simple, but in fact it requires a lot of technical content and complexity, involving many aspects of knowledge such as hydrogeology, geophysical prospecting for water, well formation technology, and pump selection. Often these are not taken seriously, it is easy to have many failures, poor quality, and high risks. Digging wells to find water is highly educated, so we can learn more about professional knowledge to be of great benefit. I have the so-called method, and get it right!


So how do you dig a well to be able to achieve perfect results, a hundred hits with a hundred hits, a lot of water and a lot of money? Whether it is drilling artificial wells or deep wells, the price of drilling with water and drilling without water is different. There is a certain risk for drilling with water. Therefore, the price will be much higher than that for drilling without water. As far as Master Jing is concerned, as long as the water level can be found accurately, and the position can be positioned so that there is no false shot, then the wallet will naturally bulge.

In fact, it is unscientific to judge whether there is water in the ground based on experience. It is normal for the same piece of land, where there is water, and there is no water at a distance. At this time, you can use a water-finder to judge the water source and locate the depth of the water source. , So as to solve the problem of finding water.

Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional organization engaged in the research of geological prospecting water search equipment. It has jointly developed a new generation of Aidu geophysical water search instrument, Aidu Golden Cudgel Bar, together with Guilin Institute of Hydrogeological Survey of Science and Technology. The instrument does not need to be pulled, it is convenient to carry, simple to operate, the mobile phone automatically forms the map, and the accuracy is high. The equipment has obtained a number of invention patents. 


The principle of the current water-finding instruments on the market is electrical exploration, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Compared with our Aidu water-finding golden hoop, it is not too convenient. The instrument uses the principle of natural electric field, and it can be easily measured by only one person holding the instrument with one hand during operation. Ai has more than 40 years of research and practical application. The natural electric field method has gradually matured. As long as it is operated properly, it can be said to be successful.


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