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There are many skills in drilling well and finding water.It is not easy to drill a well with water. Does the Aidu Golden Rod really find water?


Before using water finder, the drilling team often judged the location and volume of groundwater based on experience. Usually, the method of drilling for water was to look at the direction of mountains and ditches, and the old method to judge the location of groundwater based on the earth.

Today, in 2020, if the drilling team does not follow science, but blindly follows the experience to drill Wells, it often fails more than it succeeds. Once there is no water, it means that a lot of upfront effort will be wasted. In this sense, drilling a well is a high-risk hydraulic project, but it is also highly rewarding. Drilling technology is more complex, but people generally think that drilling is "drilling a hole and put a  pipe". It seem simple, but it is extremely technical and complex, refer to involving hydrogeology, geophysical water finding, well completion techniques, pump selection and other knowledge. Usally it's easy to failures and high risk if you don't take these issues seriously. Drilling for water is still very learned, so learn more professional knowledge is very good for drilling to make money.

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Drill a well with enough water for customer and make money, whatever shallow well or deep well, there is certain risk, using water finder to find underwater location precisely, help you decrease the risk and reduce the cost.

Actually, jude underground water by experience are unscientific. There is just couple steps between water and no water. Using the water finder to locate the water location and water depth is very nice way.

Current most water finders are artificial electrical water finder, it is very heavy and unconvenient.  Aidu golden rod water finder is very simple and convenient. The thoery of natural electric field method has been fully studied and mature with Aidu company more than 48 years.  R&D. Golden rod water finder has been the hot sale goods in drilling team and drilling company. Demand often exceeds supply.

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