How to find out if there is water in the ground when drilling a well? A simple way to find water by digging a well


Although the knowledge of digging wells to find water is very deep, it will be of great benefit if the parties have mastered advanced technical means combined with geological knowledge to reduce blindness.

Many well-drilling teams now need water-finding equipment that can detect and accurately locate wells by themselves. At present, most of the well-drilling teams do not have geophysical prospecting equipment to find water and locate wells. Either the customer finds someone to detect and locate the well, or they can see "blind drilling" based on experience. "Although the price of not providing customers with water packages is also very low, but taking a dry eye to collect customers' money, it is not easy to explain, and it will affect the reputation.


Now there is a new water-finding instrument of Aidu, which can be measured by the well drilling team by themselves, and the function is optimized according to the advantages and disadvantages of the individual well drilling team. The operation is simple and easy to learn. If you can detect and fix the well by yourself and have a high water output rate, it will not only increase the drilling time and profit, but also win your own reputation.

Topographic research knowledge:
Research on topography and geomorphology, topography and geomorphology conditions determine the recharge and drainage conditions of groundwater, control the weathering of rocks, and affect the change of groundwater. To build a reservoir, there must be a catchment area, and a well must have a replenishment area. The reason is the same. If the lithological conditions in a certain area are the same, it is necessary to observe the low-lying areas where water is easy to accumulate, compare the conditions of the previous wells, and select a suitable area for exploration.

Study the water richness of rocks. Rocks can be divided into three categories: igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary rocks according to their genesis. The subdivision is very complicated. Regardless of the cause, when hitting with a hammer, the sensation may be "Gen" (rigid), some "soft" (flexible), some "brittle" (brittle), brittle rock and limestone and other soluble rocks are more It's easy to become a well. (If you want to know more about water measurement, you can follow the public account "Aidu Exploration Center")


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