How to deal with wire, high voltage line, network line, underground pipeline, metal object and so on? What is the interference with the measurement?


It is best to stay away from high voltage lines and electric wires nearby on the ground, especially high voltage lines that are best kept away from more than  hundreds meters.If it is inevitable, you'd better parallel wires and high-voltage lines to make masurement, and each measurement line needs to be measured more than 2 times, look for the common abnormal area of the 2 color images.Improper disposal of measurement in high voltage lines, wires and other places will cause inaccurate measurement data due to excessive electric field intensity nearby, and distort geological information displayed in color map, misleading users to make wrong judgments.For small underground metal pipes and metal objects, it has little influence on the measurement results.For relatively large metal objects will form a certain low resistance shielding to the natural fiel and Lower instrument depth.If the metal pipe with electric, it will produce electromagnetic interference, resulting in inaccurate measurement data, should be away from.

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