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32 channel high density groundwater detector

The 32-channel real-time imaging water finder is a real-time imaging intelligent water finder jointly developed with the Guilin Institute of Technology Hydrogeological Survey. 32 channels of simultaneous input measurements are used to obtain a stable fiel

128-channel Cascade High-density MT Electromagnetic Instrument

Utilize multiple sets of 32-channel concatenated wireless assembly to from 64, 96, 128, 256, 512 cascaded high -density MT electrical instruments.

16 channel high density groundwater detector

16-channel real-time automatic 3D/2D image,10.1" Android touch screen

ACZ-8 Broadband Low Disturbance Proton Magnetometer

Five advantages 1.Range reach 20,000 nT ~ 100,000 nT. Apply worldwidely. 2.Competitive with imported instruments in accuracy and stability 3. Including base station mode, running point step measurement, GPS coordinate recording 4.Computer gene

AMC-7 three-component fluxgate magnetometer

Simultaneously measure the magnetic field and total field in the three directions of X, Y and Z. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high precision, stable performance, and small temperature drift, which is suitable for ground and mine measurem

AMC-6 Single Component Fluxgate Magnetometer

The AMC-6 high-precision magnetic flux magnetometer probe cooperates with Shanghai Maritime Institute to use a more advanced high-permeability through a special heat treatment method and a high-precision manual winding method. The high-performance sensor

Single Channel 3D Imaging Groundwater Detector | ADMT-300S-X (New model out of former 200S and 300S with orange-square-box looking)

7-inch touch screen. Real-time imaging, intelligent and precise, adjustable depth. There are three measurement modes: MN electrode measurement, TT measurement with box probe as well as rod probe

Budget 150m groundwater detector with great value

Low-cost with great value, 5" touch screen real time imaging, intelligent and accurate, depth adjustable There are three measurement modes such as MN electrode measurement, wired probe and water finding gold band to meet your individual needs, with optio

Golden-Rod groundwater detector

Available in depths of 100M, 200M, 300M, 800M and 3000M. Completely wire-free, adaptable to all terrains, single operator, can measure on the back. It can be operated wirelessly via mobile phone, tablet PC and dedicated control unit

Multi-Function DC Resistivity & IP Geophysical Instrument

It has changed the disadvantages of traditional electrical exploration equipment in large size, heavy weight, and professional use, making the instrument more compact and lighter, and supporting intelligent analysis software, which has the remarkable char

TT Electromagnetic probes

It is not affected by the terrain and can measure on rocks, concrete pavements and infill surfaces, solving the disadvantage that MN electrodes cannot be inserted underground. It is easy to carry and can be measured by a single person walking or stopping.

Long Range Electrical Resistivity meter

ADMT-1B electrical resistivity water-finding instrument is a new type of electrical water-finding instrument comprehensively improved and upgraded based on the company's reference to domestic and foreign electrical methods. It uses new design and componen

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